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Learn everything you need to know about your personal and business accounts.


Will there be any changes to my deposit accounts?

You will notice a few changes to your accounts, including new product names and features. Select the links below to see how your Centennial accounts will integrate into Happy’s product line.

Personal Deposit and Business Accounts Pages

Privacy Notice & Disclosure


What about my debit card?

Your new Happy State Bank Debit Mastercard® and activation instructions will be mailed to you a few weeks before our conversion. When activating your new card, you’ll need to call from a phone number on file with the bank.

Continue using your Centennial BANK debit card through Sunday, November 8. On November 9, your debit card (activation required) will be ready for use and your Centennial BANK debit card will be DEACTIVATED.

For secure, touch-free shopping, add your new debit card to your mobile wallet and pay with your phone! Learn more at

REMINDER: If automatic payments are set up on your card, be sure to provide vendors with your new payment information.


What else do I need to know?

  • Most of our account numbers will remain the same, but a small group of clients whose numbers are changing will be contacted by us.
  • Continue to use your remaining supply of checks until it is depleted.
  • Direct deposit, ACH and automatic payments/transfers will continue without interruption.
  • Scheduled recurring transfers between your personal accounts will remain active.
  • CD and IRA rates and terms will remain in effect through maturity.
  • Loan rates and terms will remain in effect through maturity and all automatic loan payments will continue without interruption.